About Us

Who are we ?

A group of skilled Kanchipuram silk saree manufacturers came together to create the finest sarees in India.

Why we started MFS:

Eliminating the middleman between weavers and customers while buying a silk sari is the prime reason for starting MFS. When you buy something, the person you bought it from is called a middleman. If you buy it directly from the person that made it, then there won’t be any middlemen and you’ll save some money!


How we eliminated middleman :


We, group of weavers, started myFirstSaree online store which enables customers to buy pure Kanchipuram silk saree directly from weavers. and our silk mark showcases purity of our sarees




Our Sarees Origin:

Once upon a time, in the beautiful city of Kanchipuram, a group of skilled silk saree manufacturers came together with a mission: to create the finest pure Kanchipuram silk sarees in all of India. These sarees were known for their luxurious softness, vibrant colors, and intricate designs, and were prized by women all over the country for their beauty and craftsmanship.The group, which was made up of several small, family-owned businesses, worked tirelessly to perfect their craft and produce the best sarees possible. They spent long hours in their workshops, carefully weaving the silk threads into intricate patterns and dyeing them with rich, vibrant colors.As word of their skill and attention to detail spread, the demand for their sarees grew. Women from all over India began to seek out the Kanchipuram silk sarees, and the manufacturers were thrilled to be able to share their creations with such a wide audience.But with the increasing demand came new challenges. The manufacturers had to work even harder to keep up with the demand, and they often found themselves sacrificing their own time and comfort in order to ensure that their sarees were of the highest quality.Despite the difficulties, the group remained committed to their craft and continued to produce the finest pure Kanchipuram silk sarees in the land. And as the years passed, their reputation only grew, and they became known as the premier saree makers in all of India.