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  • We Are Certified

    My First Saree is certified with the Silk Mark and Handloom Mark, assuring the authenticity and purity of our Kanchipuram silk sarees. You can trust us to provide you with high-end, genuine silk sarees crafted with love and care by skilled weavers.

  • Our Goal

    My First Saree connects you directly with the skilled weavers of Kanchipuram silk sarees, making high-quality Pure silk sarees affordable.

  • Quality you can trust

    At My First Saree, we don't just talk about trust - we earn it with every transaction.

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Why MFS?

At MyFirstSaree.com, you can buy authentic Kanchipuram silk sarees directly from skilled weavers, without middlemen, ensuring fair prices and quality.

Lehangas/Pattu Pavadas

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Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors

You can watch a video showcasing our pastel-colored sarees for a better... 


Shop trendy silk sarees for teenagers, perfect for festive occasions and weddings at affordable prices at MyFirstSaree.com.

Witness the Art of Silk Weaving with Our Weavers

Our Product Reviews

@Bangkok Pilla's Review

"The quality and feel of the saree amazed me. It added a traditional touch to my appearance at the village festival. The packaging was impressive, and the saree box was beautifully designed. Buying directly from the weavers gave me the best price. I highly recommend trusting their products for exceptional value."-BANGKOK PILLA


"Our sarees have consistently left customers amazed by their exceptional quality and exquisite feel."


@Nagasree Review

"It's truly incredible to find a pure Kanjipuram silk saree at such an amazing price. Only weavers can offer a saree for that price. I have personally recommended this saree to numerous people, and each one of them has been extremely satisfied with their purchase. It's evident that weavers pour their heart and soul into creating these sarees, making them truly exceptional."-NAGASREE

 "The cost of raw materials for crafting a pure silk saree alone is approximately 5000 in 2023. Moreover, it takes an entire week to weave a single saree. Therefore, it's crucial not to be deceived by stores that claim to sell pure silk sarees for prices below 8000. We encourage you to conduct your own research and verify these facts."

 @Sravani Review

"I got my Pics for my Lifetime .Their quality and designs will sure make you look beautiful"-Sravani

@Nitya Saxena Review

"I experienced complete satisfaction when I selected a saree and pavada from My First Saree for our photo shoot with my daughter. These outfits truly made our moments together incredibly special and unforgettable."-Nitya


"One of the significant advantages of purchasing directly from weavers is that it guarantees the best price, ensuring you receive excellent value for your money."

@Telagana Pilla's Review

"Until recently, I had always believed that I was wearing a pure silk saree. However, it wasn't until I tried a saree from My First Saree that I truly comprehended the distinction between a genuine silk saree and one made from polyester."-Telagana Pilla


Did you know: Pure Silk, is a breathable fabric, keeps you cool by allowing air circulation and moisture wicking. Its smooth texture adds comfort and elegance to clothing.

@Uma Sharanya's Review

"I was incredibly delighted when a dear friend gifted me a saree from My First Saree, and I instantly fell in love with it."-Uma Sharanya